Terms of service

The illustration materials distributed on this site can be used free of charge, regardless of whether it is an individual, a corporation, a commercial, or non-commercial basis, as long as it is within the scope of the Terms of service.

Illustrations on this site are prohibited from being used in the following cases.

  • Use for purposes contrary to public order and morals
  • Aggressive, discriminatory, or sexual use that impairs the image of the material
  • Use of anti-social forces or illegal activities
  • Redistribution or sale of the material itself as content or products
  • Other uses that the author deems inappropriate
  • Use of more than 21 illustrations for commercial use (available for paid service)

Paid services

  • Provide high-resolution images
  • Providing vector data such as ai data
  • Use of more than 21 illustrations for commercial use

If you would like to use the paid service, please contact us from here


The illustration material of this site can be used free of charge, but all copyrights belong to Kazuhiro Minami. We do not have a copyright waiver.


We are not responsible for any trouble caused by using the illustration material son of this site.

For more information, please see here.

Other use of illustration materials

About commercial use

You can use up to 20 illustrations for free per work, such as printed materials, materials, and videos such as brochures.

However, sales of products and content mainly based on illustrations are prohibited. Please use it as a part of the product and content to the last.

Examples of specific prohibitions on use

  • Sales of T-shirts using illustrations as the main
  • Sales of character goods using illustrations as the main

In addition, secondary distribution and sale of illustrations are prohibited.

About the use in the WEB

It’s possible. It is also possible to use in SNS.

About the use as a logo mark and a character of the company etc.

It is possible to use it as a company logo mark and character, but trademark registration is prohibited. The copyright belongs to Minami Kazuhiro to the last.

About the processing of illustrations

It’s possible. However, processing and use that impair the image of the illustration is prohibited. In addition, we do not transfer copyrights due to the presence or absence of processing. All copyrights belong to Minami Kazuhiro.

About the use to create LINE Creators Stamps, etc.

It is prohibited whether or not processing is available.

About the report of use

There is no need.However, if you report photos and images of your work from here, we may introduce them on another site in the future.